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Everyone needs publicity for their business and I am sure that you are the same, it really made a difference to my business in a big way. I wouldn't be here now if it wasn't for getting publicity in magazines, blogs and news papers.

If you feel overwhelmed by the prospect of doing your own PR or if you are wondering where to start, then please delve into my Publicity bundle training.

You can join from any location around the world, watch everything online and download it. In the course you receive  a two hour webinar training with Rebecca Miller and myself Katherine Elizabeth.

You also receive a Tips and tricks cheat sheet, and two fantastic  PR workbooks from Rebecca's own Pr training course.

Worth at least £190, however this will only cost you £35/$49.

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A bit about Rebecca Milliner Publicity coach.

Rebecca launched her business Write & Reach in 2014 in order to help entrepreneurs raise their profile and credibility through the power of PR. Since then she has worked with entrepreneurs from around the world to help them get featured in places such as BBC Breakfast, Huffington Post, Best Health Magazine, Success Magazine, Making Jewellery, Devon Life, local press and radio and more. As well as working with entrepreneurs, she also manages marketing and PR for a charity in Bristol.
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In the session, we will be covering 

  • How to get products featured in magazines/ gift guides
  • How to showcase your brand through PR
  • Working with bloggers and influencers – the do’s and don’ts; launching a blogger campaign; what to expect and what they expect (payment, free products etc)
  • You will also receive 2 workbooks with tips and tricks after the session.
  • You can ask question to Rebecca on the live.

Lots of juicy useful tips to learn!

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The price is only £35/$49 for all this training


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(And what right do I have to be throwing this training?)



I’m Katherine Elizabeth, 

An award winning Millinery designer with a boutique in the Oxo Tower, event planner for millinery events and entrepreneur, who slowly built her business (alone), and made some pretty hefty mistakes while doing it.

I have been working in this industry for about 15 years and have had my ups and down as well as learnt a lot along the way.

I have made hats for celebrities, been in magazines such as Marie Clare, Harpers, Vogue, Women and Home, InStyle, Red Magazine etc..

I have made hats for Hobbs and worked with Stephen Jones.

I have been a presenter on the BBC for Royal Ascot and Made a hat live on air, as well as made an appearance on the Allan Tichmarsh Show!

Suddenly, this dream came to me that I would love to help other creative designers, It would have been fantastic if someone was able to help me when I started out, it would have made things much easier.

“That's why I started this group (Inspiring Creative Women) so I could help women like you, who want to be a success in this world and you can!"

Katherine x