Starting a blog can be an exciting yet challenging task, but one that may provide you with the perfect outlet for your creative or artistic skills. Blogs are also a great way to add to any business you may have that involves user feedback, or a constant flow of communication with your consumer. If you would like some helpful tips to start your own blog, keep reading! 

1) The first and most important aspect of creating your own blog is deciding what you want to write about. Choosing your niche sets the tone for your blog as a whole and helps create an aesthetic. Nowadays it’s extremely important to create a blog that is both appealing in content as well as visually. Once you decide your blog's theme, it is a lot easier to start brainstorming ideas as you have already chosen an umbrella they will fall under. For example, if your blog encompasses fashion and lifestyle, you can begin writing about future fashion trends you predict will be popular in 2018. 

2) Secondly, choose your blog name. Choosing a name for your blog can be a bit difficult, but once you have already established your theme, it is a lot easier to hone in on some phrases you can use as your title. One great way to find a name for your blog is listing short keywords that can be combined to make the perfect title. 

3) Next, pick a domain site to put your blog on. Websites like Squarespace, WordPress, and Wix are simple yet extremely effective websites that help you set up your own website. Customise your site exactly how you want it and upload photos and logos to make it unique and your own! Creating a blog that will set you apart from others is extremely important and can create traffic for your website. Websites like Wix allow you to add slideshows, moving pictures and videos into any page you want as well as creating surveys and email sign-ups to ensure your viewers can contact you whenever necessary. 

4) Once you have created your domain, choose your blog name, and decided what you want to write about, the rest is merely about getting your blog out there and advertising your new posts! A great way to get your blog started is to implement other social platforms you may have to show others what you have created. Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are great ways to both showcase your posts and incorporate your blog into other social media. If you’re really feeling daring, YouTube is another amazing platform to reach a broad audience and a great way to connect with viewers. A lot of bloggers like to utilize YouTube to create a bond with their following and allow them to really get to know the author of the posts! 

5) The most important aspect of creating your own blog is confidence! Don’t be afraid to fail, you can do this! Get that blog going and don’t forget how amazing you can be when you put your ideas to fruition.

Happy Blogging x