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Nobody’s business flourished from sitting at home doing nothing. Successful businesses are born from hard work, determination, and a whole lot of gambling. By gambling, I don’t mean actual gambling, but starting your own business takes confidence and the ability to risk your livelihood on yourself and your ability to create. Taking a risk is pivotal for imminent success, especially if you are an at-home worker. Here are some reasons why you need to take a risk on yourself and your business.


Opportunities often unforeseen, arise from risk-taking

The word “risk” tends to have a negative connotation, like doing something that is out of the ordinary is a bad thing. But while some risks may not pay off, others can prove to be extremely beneficial and even crucial for the success of your company. The beauty of having your own company is the ability to decide when to make an important decision, and what exactly this decision is. Take opportunities as they come and don’t be afraid to put those negative thoughts aside and make a change!


It takes confidence to take a risk, and this sets you apart

Taking a risk is the perfect way to stand out and make you known. How do you think Marc Zuckerberg achieved such success? He took a risk!! Putting yourself or your company out there is not an easy task and takes a lot of guts. One of the great things about this though, is that people respect someone who has the confidence to believe in themselves enough to make a big change. 

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Taking risks teaches us important lessons

One of the most beneficial aspects of taking a risk is the outcome. Sometimes though this outcome may not be what we wanted or expected and could throw us through a loop. In cases like this, there is always a lesson to be learned, or something important to be taken away from the situation. Risks may also lead us down a different path and can shift our direction to something eye-opening and inspiring.


Taking a risk can bring a lot of growth

Without taking a risk, there are very little ways a company can succeed. It is essential to not only own your business but yourself as well, to push your limits and make a change. Taking a risk in your business can help embrace change, something at-home-workers may find a bit daunting. Working from home can be a bit of a challenge, as you don’t have the reassurance of workers or an office to remind you what you are doing is in fact working! Even the chance of this risk being unsuccessful is intimidating, but it also forces you to look fear in the eyes and tackle it!

Keep a diary of your business journey and the risks that you take, look back at this from time to time to see how far you have come!!!

Good luck and go for it.

Katherine x