Some people call it a journey, others a pilgrimage and the rare few call it an odyssey. Regardless of the name you refer to it as the path to success is never easy. There will always be something standing in the way which delays your goals. Often times, the thing that is blocking success is something you may not realize but have complete control over. I am talking about fear. Fear is one of these obstacles that has the power to consume you, if you let it, and alter your route to accomplishment.


I’m not saying that your fear isn’t justified; everyone is scared of something (for me, snakes). Success isn’t easily achieved and the amount of work it takes to triumph is often terrifying. Rejection, failure, selling, putting yourself out there, etc., these possibilities are imperative for entrepreneurs and yet somehow seem to be viewed as distressing.


These things are all meant to test you. If being a creative entrepreneur, everyone would succeed and there would be a lack of appreciation for the trade. It is these tasks which inflict fear that weed out the talented and dedicated from the undetermined. These people, the ones who struggle through their fears to achieve their goals, they are the ones who will triumph and realize victory.


Fortunate enough, if you are one of these incredible people who are strong enough to push through the hard to reach success, there is greatness on the other side. Often times after you fight the battle of conquering your fear there is happiness and attainment on the other side. This is where the big stuff happens that holds the potential to be everything you worked towards and more. Keep moving forward; keep fighting through your fear and I assure that you will achieve the goals you set out to achieve on an unparalleled level.



1.    Awareness

Overcoming your fear is impossible unless you step up to the plate and realize them fully. Allowing yourself to understand your fears as simple thoughts rather than holding complete control will help you master them!


2.   Gratitude

Instead of dwelling on fear when you feel it, focus on the positive aspects of your life in which you are grateful for. If you’re afraid of selling, feel grateful for the opportunity and appreciation demonstrated by consumers.


3.   Read  

Reading books that discuss your particular fears will give you the insight and knowledge on how to overcome that certain fear. Every fear is different so focusing on what scares you most is the best shot at complete triumph.


4.   Take Action

Fear is a figment of our imagination. When you allow them to control you, you grant them power. If you take action and face your fears they immediately become weaker because the reality isn’t nearly as scary as imagination.



What is the worst thing that could happen? Be honest with yourself; your life will keep going if you face your fear and make a mistake. Afterword, simply move forward.


6.   Breathe

This is the simplest and most powerful way to overcome your fears. Stabilize yourself through breath and allow it to free you from all of the fears that burden you.