Using Facebook Live To Build Your Business

The fast-paced age of trends is taking the business world by storm; effected by media norms, a business' success can be improved drastically through the use of adapting these popular movements. Contrasting from fleeting trends, social video consistently remains a fashionable way of advertising and informing viewers. With new technologies on the rise, live video has enabled many entrepreneurs to boost their following and improve upon success. Facebook is the largest social network and its new Live feature could be exactly what your business needs to gain that extra edge!

Facebook explains its Live feature as enabling users to "broadcast to the largest audience in the world with the camera in your pocket."  Allowing entrepreneurs to reach their consumers through Facebook adds a personal relationship to any business. The flexibility that Facebook Live offers is unparalleled, giving the public the ability to reach viewers from events and other impactful moments, consumers have the ability to truly understand a business' position and what it has to offer.  


            Now that you know what Facebook Live is, let's see how you can use it for your business!


How Live Appeals to Consumers

People LOVE social networks! Utilizing social media to your advantage not only widens your consumer base, it allows them to relate to your business. Business is all about people and building a strong and reliable relationship with your followers makes them feel comfortable  with your business.

Due to increasing technology and usage of social networking, business becomes more personal every day. Ensuring a dependable and relatable reputation with your consumers is an easy way to stand out amongst competitors.

Also, don't make it difficult for your consumers to find and get to know your business (they already have jobs, don't give them another). If your business is right there for viewers to interact with, they will choose you over less accessible businesses every day!

Live Features

While ensuring a vast audience, Facebook Live also offers special features to enhance users experience.


Facebook also treats its Live video feature differently than that of basic video uploading as Live videos can be interactive while also notifying friends of broadcasts and appearing higher on the news feed.  Facebook explains its appeal to marketers: "People who frequently engage with or have recently interacted with a person or page going Live may receive a notification." In other words, loyal and new consumers alike will be alerted in regards to a current broadcast, maintaining a business' reputation and presence.  After the live stream, viewers can still access the video normally.

Also, users are able to send invitations to friends while they are broadcasting in order to expand their audience. The friend invited will receive a notification and easy access to the live broadcast.


Facebook Live Map enables users to discover new content on their desktop by displaying live broadcasts happening around the world and allowing consumers to choose a broadcast according to lactation. Blue dots indicate each broadcast with the most popular represented by a larger dot.

Hovering over a particular dot gives users the opportunity to preview the stream along with details such as how many people are viewing the video, where they are viewing it from and how long the broadcast has been live . Zooming in on a particular area allows consumers to focus on a particular area. Also, a sidebar provides users looking to discover live videos with a list of the most popular broadcasts occurring at the present time.

            Live Reactions

Facebook users are able to react to any post by utilizing the emoji reactions to accentuate their response. Reacting to a live broadcast as it is occurring allows viewers to interact with and relate to the business or individual hosting the video.


Broadcasts are able to be enhanced and beautified by filters which Facebook offers to their Live feature. On many occasions, filters improve the aesthetic of a video and further attract viewers simply by visual appearance. Applying a filter can be a quick way to enhance the footage you choose to broadcast while maintaining focus on the video context.

Just don't forget to be cautious when applying a filter! REMEMBER, PEOPLE ARE WATCHING!

How to add a filter to your live video:

1. Start your live broadcast

2. Touch the magic wand

3. Scroll to view all filters

4. Tap to select


API allows publishers who have film equipment they wish to create their broadcast on are able to utilize these devices rather than streaming from a Smartphone. Live API features camera switching, instant replay and special effects and graphics. If you are streaming a presentation, utilize this feature to stream screencasts.

            Schedule a Live Broadcast

Scheduling a Live broadcast enables users to build an audience prior to when streaming begins. Scheduling a broadcast posts to the New Feed; therefore, notifying followers and friends when you will be online. Also, this alert system allows followers to opt for a reminder just before the streaming begins so that they won't miss it!

This feature also enables publishers who hope for a more professional video to prepare in advance and embed the video or share the link with followers.

            Share Live in A Group or Event

Live videos can be shared in a Facebook group or event.            


If sharing a Live video to a Facebook Page you manage, metrics allows you to see how successful your broadcast was (minutes viewed, number of viewers and viewer engagement are among these measurements)


How to Use Live

Look to the word "Live" next to the red icon at the top of the video!

            How to start a Live broadcast

1. Update Status

2. Choose Live Video

3. Add a description

4. Choose your audience

5. GO LIVE (for up to 90 minutes)

            Real-time comments and viewers can be seen during the broadcast.

            How to schedule a Live broadcast

1. Publishing Tools

2. Choose Video Library then Live

3. Copy stream credentials and server URL

4. Develop an announcement

5. Finalize your scheduled broadcast

6. Select Schedule


Tips & Tricks


Live videos are meant to be a tad spontaneous; however, you have to think about what you want to say and the message you want to send to your audience in order to maintain a purpose.  Completely winging a broadcast can come off as sloppy, unprofessional and not entertaining to viewers.

            Tell People

Facebook Live is a tool to inform and promote; how can you be successful in achieving either of these goals if no one is listening? You MUST tell people that you will be broadcasting if you hope to gain any progress. Also, encourage people to watch and subscribe to your videos in order to build an even greater following for future broadcasts.

           Connection Is Key

Prior to broadcasting make sure that you have a strong connection to either WiFi (ideal) or a 4G network. If you want consumers to make the most of your broadcast they have to be able to access it without technical difficulties. DO NOT let a weak connection ruin your videos content and success.


Capture your audience an inform them on the topic of your broadcast with a fantastic description! GIVE CONTEXT AND BE CLEAR.

            Location, Location, Location

Let people know where you are to gain more viewers through the Live Map Feature.


Responding to comments is a huge part social engagement. Facebook is a social platform and positive interaction help to ensure a positive reputation.

            Take Your Time

Broadcasting for longer periods of time allows more and more people to discover that your broadcast is happening and gives them a chance to join you!

            Be Positive and Act Positive

People are naturally drawn to positivity; if your broadcast is positive in massage and delivery you are more likely to be more successful with Live. Also, remember that your body language may look different on camera, so slightly exaggerating your gestures might help to boost your positivity.

            Be Creative             

If you want people to be engaged with your broadcast HAVE FUN WITH IT and GET CREATIVE!