Attitude: The Little Thing That Makes A Big Difference

Attitude. Attitude is more important than any action or decision you will make for it is the one thing that can determine the impression you leave on anything and everything you touch.  You have the power to determine whether or not you make or break your success, it lies with your attitude. Challenges will continue to surround your life and attempt to alter your state of being; you have control to overcome them and make that a positive effect on your growth

Water Lilies are planted in deep pools of water and grow through all of the muck that surrounds them. Over time, they overcome the darkness that surrounds their seedling and reach the light at the top of the pond as a beautiful flower. Instead of allowing the gloomy water and muck to weigh them down, Water Lilies grow in spite of it and transform while maintaining beauty and grace. Their success is not measured by what obstacles they faced in attempt to reach the other side, rather that they overcame all difficulties and peak more lovely than when they began.

Attitude will shape your success and outcome; choose to overcome your challenges with positivity, resilience, and grace and like a Water Lily, you too will thrive.

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            Here are some thoughts on how to maintain a POSITIVE and RESILIENT attitude.


Life Is 10% What Happens to You and 90% How You React to it

My father always used to tell me that life is ten percent what happens to you and ninety percent how you react to it. In other words, the only thing you truly have control over is your attitude towards the things that happen around you. Whether you are facing financial difficulty or personal struggles, it is how you decide to behave that determines who you are. If you choose to allow the smallestthings to completely takeover and alter your attitude than you will spend the entirety of your life in misery. However, if you choose to react to hardships with a positive attitude you will continue to grow and build upon your success. Life is what you make of it, choose to keep moving forward with strength and a resiliently optimistic attitude.

The Obstacle Course

There are always two paths to the finish line: you can either decide to take each hurdle with stride and optimism which will continuously motivate your success or you can complain with each obstacle and allow them to knock you down further slowing your success. Obstacle courses can either be a growing exercise for the optimistic or a setback for the pessimistic. If each obstacle is seen as a threat or annoyance in your eyes it will delay your triumph. Even if you conquer that particular hurdle the process will remain frustrating and your reward will be minimal.

Regardless of the obstacle, room for growth and personal development is always attainable if you maintain a positive attitude throughout. Allowing a barrier to defeat you and cause an obstruction to your success is not acceptable for any forward-thinking entrepreneur.  In order to be successful with personal and career goals obstacles must be viewed as merely a challenge to further prove and enhance your ability to thrive. Life is just one giant obstacle course; push yourself to overcome challenges with strength, grace, and positivity.

The Inner Dialogue

When you install software into a computer you get to choose its level of productivity. Your mind is like a computer, and you can choose whether to be productive or not. Inner dialogue is a tool that enables you to program your attitude to be positive, turning it into a beneficial reflection of your thoughts. Too often,  individuals allow their behaviour and attitude to be shaped by criticism which may surround their lives. DO NOT LET NEGATIVITY REVOLUTIONIZE YOUR ATTITUDE. Pessimistic commentary is present in every person's life and will never dissipate; allow yourself to keep the unconstructive attitude of others away from your positive programming.

While commentaries can be very influential on your attitude, you are in complete control and therefore are the most influential and prevalent voice when it comes to altering your attitude. Being a self-critic can either work against you or in your favour (choose the latter). Be your own optimistic cheerleader and push yourself to achieve success!



  • Appreciate your surroundings.
  • Learn and grow when overcoming obstacles (think: Water Lily)!
  • Be grateful for the small things in your life.
  • Self-motivate!!!
  • Say thank you for the things you have achieved and remember them; make a note when good things happen to you and keep them in a jar so that you can look at them all at the end of the year and remember how far you have come.
  • The attitude that you put out into the world  is the same as what you will get back so make sure it counts!