Do you hate people telling you what to do? Are you the creative type with a mind filled with ideas that constantly are overlooked by a supervisor? If so, starting your own business is perfect for you and enables you to become your own boss!

Being your own boss is freeing and empowering. Rather than working each day to fulfil another's career goals, excitement waits around the corner to design your own path. Consistently, being your own boss widens your array of tasks and allows you to learn and improve upon things that you are passionate about. However, it also means that YOU are now responsible for managing YOU.  

This poses many challenges, especially for the creative mind. Against your natural right-brained tendencies, as a boss you must complete the less appealing administrative tasks. Trust me, I know the pains of going to meetings and focusing on finances when I'd much rather be creating. However, a business is still a business regardless of its personality and therefore has to be looked after to ensure success.

Success for your business is now in your hands. Whether you succeed or fail, you must face the outcome as it is now your responsibility. We are all guilty of choosing to laze around or focus on something other than our careers; the struggle is pulling yourself together and getting down to business.

OK, so... I have 5 amazing tips to help with BEING YOUR OWN BOSS

1. Timing Yourself to Your Business

Like all things, there is a time and a place to begin. Creating a business is a struggle for any entrepreneur, give yourself every advantage and BE PREPARED. Do not start your business, for example, while you are hoping to relocate your family or feeling flustered with other priorities. Timing yourself to your business is key in order to ensure it has every opportunity to succeed. While work should not be your life, a start-up can take up a nice chunk of your time and is going to be very demanding until it is developed a fair amount. Allowing yourself to be prepared physically and mentally before beginning your business puts it that much further towards success. You can do this, make sure you do it right!

2. Organize, Organize, Organize

Try to create a space for everything and keep everything in its place! Organization is key to every business: organize your things and your ideas in order to ensure that you are on track. The way you keep your space is a reflection of your mind; if your space is messy so are your thoughts!  There is nothing worse than a cluttered mind as it leads to falling off course in the aim to reach your goals. Designate time at the end of each day to organize your space so that it is ready to help you put your fresh ideas into action. Use fun tools such as decorative folders, cabinets, and cups that highlight your personality to make organization a creative and expressive process.

3.  Maintain A Safe Space

If you are working from home, it is easy to mix your living space with your working space. DO NOT DO THAT. Allowing your work space to be taken over by your personal life creates a mixed message in your brain when you are trying to focus on your career. When you are working you need to be focused solely on your business rather than what is happening in your home-life.

Just as you would behave in an office, distancing yourself from your home-life in order to manage your tasks properly is simply the appropriate way to treat your career. Also, maintaining a space specifically for work separates you from any distractions you may have tempting you to neglect your tasks of the day. However, just because you have an office space doesn't mean it has to be boring! Allow yourself to spice things up and get creative with your space; add some flowers and decor that make you feel relaxed, welcome, and safe in your space.  

4. Be a Goal-Setter and a Go-Getter

Goal-Setting is probably one of the most widely used term when it comes to giving tips about starting your own business and also one of the most useful. DO NOT OVERLOOK GOAL SETTING. Without setting goals, it is easy to become lost in tasks that carry no direction. Goals not only help to keep you on track for your daily activities, they also help to keep your business on track to succeed. Setting a pathway for where you want your business to end up and how to get there helps to create a focused vision.

While setting goals is immensely important, following them is MORE important! Goals are useless if they are not sound, focused, and most importantly followed. All things are achievable if you work hard enough towards an outcome you believe in. Go and get those goals that you have set for yourself; without them, what is there to reach for?