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An e mail popped into my inbox the other day that resonated with me. I don't open all e mails that I receive because I could be there all day but for some reason I opened this one and wanted to share it with you.

Every time we make an excuse about why we can't do something, it stems from fear and rejection.

It can easily paralyses us, we quite often can't move past the idea that the person we are reaching out to will say NO, or laugh at us. This probably comes from those days at school when we encounter our first bully. We subconsciously avoid situations that could put us in this situation.

I have felt like this in the past and subconsciously sabotaged things for myself, I wonder why I did this to myself but it must have been through fear of rejection. Have you ever felt this way?

The e mail I received pointed out that our fear of rejection is probably doing a lot more to harm us than we realise.

·         When we fear rejection, we don't put ourselves out there.


·         When we fear rejection, we don't try new things.


·         When we fear rejection, we don't take risks

This can stop you talking about your work or building your brand

Stop you from creating relationships.

Stop you making new sales, doing that event, ringing up magazines to get some new PR.

Stop you making those phone calls that could bring in business or attention.

About two days ago I heard a success story from a lady who pushed her fears aside and rang a big company to pitch a blog post, they accepted her idea and published the post. It created more hits than any previous posts on their site, due to that they rang her up and asked her to appear on a webinar and she only had 200 likes on her Facebook business page!

She couldn't believe it and was so happy that she put herself on the line, they could have said no but they didn't.

Rejection is going to happen, it always does in business, not everyone is going to understand what you are trying to sell and not everyone is going to care.

The designers and business owners that I see reaching their goals and grow, are the ones that don't let a fear of rejection stop them from doing the things they need to do to make it happen.

When you start to feel the fear and stop yourself from doing something, think about your future self, how would that future you feel about you stopping  yourself now, wouldn't life be better if you just took that chance, you could be thanking yourself for not letting the fear in.

1) Say out loud to yourself "I believe in myself"

2)Think of one thing that you really want to achieve, something small and manageable.

Be specific and say this out loud to yourself.

3) Work on achieveing this goal and then move onto the next.

Success is always on the other side of fear

4)Remember the things that you have achieved, list them and be grateful for achieving them.

I have added a little video from Will Smith on fear and how it can control you, don't let it ruin your breakfast!


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Ps thank you to google, u tube and Will Smith for the Video