Are you wondering how to sell your products online?

Do you wonder how others are making money, could you be making more?

There might be a number of reasons for this and through this post, I will give you lots of different tips to help you sell your creative products online via Instagram.

I have to say that I love Instagram because it feels as ifpeople are responding to your posts in a much quicker way, more than other mediums.

Have you posted your products on social media and it feels as if you are whistling in the wind,  sometimes if feels as if no one is out there? no one is responding! You could put something on twitter and only get three likes- you get the idea!

Some people have 14'000 followers on twitter and only get a couple of likes but Instagram feels different and will feel like a revelation to you.

It doesn't matter if you only have a few followers your posts will still receive morelikes and comments I guarantee it.

Instagram now has more than 400 million users,  for comparison, Twitter has 320 million. I am not saying that twitter is bad, it's great for a lot of things, I am just giving you an idea of how great Instagram is.

So if you are not on Instagram I suggest that you set up an account soon!


7 key points to help you - Attract more customers

1.    Your posts should all sit together nicely and look great when you look at them as a whole, just like a magazine. Fashion Foie Gras is a good example of this.

Fashionfoiegras magazine blog

2.    Start by following a minimum of 200 people. This will force you to find people you already know as well as potential customers. When you’re first starting out, spend 20 minutes a day simply engaging with others.

3.    You will have a few seconds to attract your ideal customer and create a desire for them tofollowing you, if it looks beautiful they will, if not they won't.

Accounts that do well on Instagram are creative, eye-catching, and visually pleasing.

YESSUPPLIES is a brand that knows what it is about, its visually appealing and uses beautiful images. They also give back to the community and help ambitious females like yourself, so worth a follow!


4.    Your posts should be images of your work and fit in with your brand, don't put to lots of personal images on Instagram, that is more for Facebook, you can add one or two photos of you creating in your studio or at home but try to not put photos up of your cat and mum on a business account.

5.    Your images should be the best that you have, try to make them look beautiful, Instagram has some great filters so use these to improve your images.

Also, Try these Apps as they can enhance your photos,

PicTapGo, WordSwag, VSCOcam, Flipagram, Videohance, Snapseed, and Afterlight.

An example of PicTapGo below, featuring a beautiful Instagram account called Social Studio, they help with Social Media Strategies and show their business in a beautiful way.

PicTapGo to help enhance your images

6.    Think about the colours that you are using and do they fit in with your brand?

7.   If you are running out of images you can re-post old images by deleting them and adding again, that way they are in people's feeds for the second time. Don't worry about this, the same people probably won't see that post again, everyone is on social media at different times and you may attract someone different who didn't see it before.

Re-purposing posts, blogs, and images are important.


6 Key Points to help - Create Brand Awareness

1.    Interact with other users, like their posts and write comments, create connections, do this with people that you are following but also with users that are on the main feed, people that you are not following yet.

2.    Bring people over from your other social media channels and follow people who have similar interests to you or who might have a similar demographical customer.

3.    Simplify the process of connecting your brand and influencers with a tool like Captiv8.

4.    Collaborate with similar Instagram users. Is there another brand that resonates with your audience? Try reaching out to them to see if they’d like to collaborate on a promotion or giveaway. By giving each other shout-outs you’ll expose your account to a whole new audience.

5.    People are discovering new products from their favorite brands on Instagram each day, now is the time to clearly define your style so you stand out from the crowd.

6.    Develop a Freebie to give to your followers as this helps to grow your email list. One of the best ways to sell your products is to a warm clients list, people who are already interested in your work. Create a simple and desirable free gift with an opt-in so that followers give you their email address in exchange. Offer lots of tips and tricks to this email list so that when you have something to sell you are doing it to a warm list, people who know you and trust you.


9 Key Points to help you - SELL your products

1.    Put images up that you want to sell, images that are in your shop.

2.    You might think WHAT! I DONT HAVE A SHOP! Don't panic, you can easily set up a shop on Etsy and then drive traffic to this store or you might have a shop on Big Cartel, Shopify or BigCommerce that you can drive your traffic to.

Etsy a platform to help sell your products

3.    The best way is to do this is to put the link to your shop in your bio.

When you post you can drive traffic to your bio, for example, I would put "to see more of this product please click the link to our shop via @KEMillinery

4.    If you want an easier way you can try How To Have It

It Makes it easy for your followers to shop.

The Have2Have.It link takes your followers to a designed page that has the same look and feel as your brand’s Instagram feed. They can now tap the images and discover the products they love.

Lulu Frost is a good example of this and is also a beautiful example of a great Instagram account.


5.    To help people find you use Hashtags, I would use about 20 on Instagram, a lot more than on Facebook and twitter, a few examples are #design #creativity #millinery #buynow #fashion etc whatever you think will drive traffic to your product.

Use a variety of popular hashtags and very specific hashtags. The goal is to use hashtags that your potential customers are already using. Look at your competitors and the hashtags they are using as well as ones your followers are using.

6.    You could also create a video foryour product, for example, I could create one showing how to wear one of my hats, show the sides and back, how to put it on etc. Instagram allows you to make a 16-second video to showcase this and StackMotion allows you to add a watermark or logo to the video.

7.    Another idea is to use an app to create moving words on your image, I have used the app called 'LEGEND' to produce moving graphics onto an image it's great fun and will increase engagement.

8.    I would also recommend putting your business name or logo on a static image as a watermark, just in case anyone pins it or shares on Facebook so your image can always be traced back to you.

9.    If you want to show one product in a variety of ways, try the Instagram layout app. The app makes it easy to combine lots of images into a single image. Use it to show your product at different angles, which is particularly useful for fashion and jewellery business

I hope you enjoyed this :-

Please put some of these points into action and let us know how you got on in the Facebook Group. Also, don't forget to subscribe to the newsletter so that we can give you lots more free tips and tricks.

Thank you for your time!