Starting your own business and brand is a tireless and often thankless job. I know many of you are doing this as a second job as well as with your career, and some are starting out with nothing and hoping to grow their brand into a household name. Wherever you are in this process, be proud of yourself for your hard work and sacrifice! We have compiled some resources for you from motivation to help yourself stay sane in this crazy time. XX


Daily Routine:

Long term and short term goals are great to accomplish things at the end of the month or in the next few years, but do you have daily goals?! Setting quick goals daily and writing them down on sticky-notes will help you boost your confidence and keep you motivated to move forward! Some examples are:

·      Today I want to stay organized in my work

·      Today I want to stay happy and content with my life

·      Today I want to be better than I was yesterday

·      Today I want to get _____, ______, and _____ done while also doing the laundry!

·      I want to start and end today with a smile!

Even these simple “To Do” type of goals being written down and stuck in a place where you will see them are extremely important! The positivity and attitude ones are also just as impactful. Think about it this way, if you start and end today happy, you are more likely to start tomorrow the same way, and then develop positive habits!


Go see something new!

Nothing does more for my inspiration than a bit of a “staycation!” Seeing new things doesn’t mean you need to spend thousands on traveling around the world. Find a cool place in or near your city or town and go explore. Bring your camera and a notepad and jot down your new ideas, your feelings about your surroundings, and newfound inspirations! Museums in London often have fashion exhibitions and interesting shows that are bound to spark some ideas! Going to check one out could result in an entire new inspiration for your collection and much needed mental break. There are always fashion label sample sales to browse through for creative ideas! You could even book a ticket for London Fashion Week in the autumn and spring season to see some art strut down the catwalk! 

Discovering new places and wandering around taking in the atmosphere and taking photos might help you relax, inspire a new collection, or even just help find cool new places for dinner, drinks, and coffee in the future.

Listen to others who have been there:

I have a weird obsession with listening to TED talks but have not found as much time to sit and divulge in watching a short film lately. A new habit I have developed is listening to podcasts while on my daily commute, when I am out for a run, or on my travels! Here are some inspirational women who are launching their businesses just like us who have amazing content and fabulous advise on their podcasts!

A Better Life with Rachel Rofe

Rachel often interviews other inspiring women who have made it in their industry. Most of these have risen from hard situations and created lives they’re very proud of which is not only very inspiring, but very relatable for many women! Listen for free on her site or  Stitcher

The Suitcase Entrepreneur with Natalie Sission

In Natalie’s podcast she talks about “how to build an online business you can run from anywhere in the world using social media, online tools and outsourcing .” She interviews other successful suitcase entrepreneurs from around the world divulging and sharing their tips and tricks to help you become successful! Listen for free on iTunes or Stitcher

Why We do What We Do with Tony Robbins

American Businessman Tony Robbins discusses the "invisible forces" that motivate everyone's actions. He asks the question, “what makes the difference in the quality of people’s lives?” He uncovers the internal motivation of why we do what we do and the emotions that drive us. He explores and teaches you “why” and brings his witty charm. 

My Year of Saying Yes to Everything with Shonda Rhimes

Shonda Rhimes is a powerful speaker and an inspiring woman. She is the creative mind behind Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, and How to Get Away With Murder. "When I am hard at work, when I am deep in it, there is no other feeling," she says. She has a name for this feeling: The hum. The hum is the excitement you get from your work, and the drive that keeping you going. In this moving talk, she talks about her "year of yes" and find out how she got her hum back. 

Taking time for yourself away from the studio and computer doing something completely different from your normal work can help you be so much more productive and creative. Personal days full of movies and adventure, TED talks, lattes, and podcasts chosen at the right times and every once in a while can help you de-stress and further your business. Don't forget to be selfish every once in a while and fuel your creativity!