Want to start developing an online presence through social media? It can be a daunting task. Whether you already have accounts or are just starting out, we have compiled some helpful information to help you be more successful on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest!

1. Create a Strategy

Start by making a chart with a few rows and columns. One for column each social media account and a row for every aspect of it. Those could include username and password, target audience, what you goals you have for the account, types of content you plan to post, who it will be generated from (shared, repost, or original in-house), and how often you will post. If you have a plan, you are more likely to get it done and stay on track!

2. Start Small and Ask for Help

Often times it is not all about the building the best content off the bat, and it can be helpful to have an audience before you start writing the best blogs, sharing the more interesting posts on Facebook, or being the highlight of Instagram. Of course you need to start with a few things. No one will want to follow a site, like a Facebook page, or follow an Instagram account without content. But do not worry if you do not have months worth… this will take time! First off ask your personal friends to like the page, add comments, and share with their friends, this way you a guarantee that there will be some traffic on the page to get you up and running.

3. Find a Friend

Follow pages similar to yours or people you would want to collaborate with! Reaching out to companies and people who you would like to engage with. You will be receiving like-for-a-like, follows back, and loyal readers in no time! Team up with other successful users and post about another page you love and they’ll be sure to return the favor! By creating social media relationships both parties will benefit!

4. Cut the #Hashtags

The hashtags #insta #intsagram #instapic #selfie are not going to attract followers, rather probably annoy them. Use relevant hashtags and possibly make up your own modeled after your company name or motto. Pick something easy to spell and straightforward. Using a few important hashtags that are directly related to your brand and your content will attract more loyal followers.

5. Get Consistent

Try creating similar content weekly or daily. By posting a tip or quote of the day or week you can begin branding content. For example use your favourite quotes and set them on a pretty background of your choice and release them daily or weekly. This way, when your followers keep seeing these similar images, they will know who it is from, and begin looking forward to this content.



6. Maximize Real Estate

Maximize Twitter and Facebook by attaching images to posts. When sharing on Twitter, based off how the website is coded, there could be what is called a “Twitter card” that pops up. This usually includes a photo and a headline linked directly by clicking the graphic. People scrolling through their Twitter feed are more likely to spend time looking at a photo than just a tweet full of text. Try attaching an image, linked or not, to your tweets! This way you will take up more real estate on the Twitter and Facebook feeds and hopefully catch someone’s eye with an engaging photo!

7. Plan Ahead

Create a spreadsheet with the date you want to post, the content of the post, url link, and possible photograph. By doing this ahead of time, you will always have something ready to copy, paste, and post!

8. Use other sites

Need cute background photos? ...Use free stock images available on the internet. There are so many sites that give free stock images for personal and commercial use. Just be sure to double check into the legal licensing before use!

9. Linking accounts is important

Provide a cohesive theme throughout each social platform and try to link from Facebook to Instagram, to Twitter, and Pinterest. If you just wrote a new blog, you should have a thumbnail image promoting it on Instagram, the same picture linked to the blog for Pinners, a Tweet highlighting the link and the point of the article, and a Facebook post with the link, picture, and a longer and engaging caption. By generating traffic between accounts, you will reach a larger audience and reach your followers wherever they are!

10. Make it Yours

Make your social media shine from the rest. Do some research on accounts you like and those you don’t and pick and choose ideas and aesthetics you want to emulate. Learn from your own mistakes as well as others and be original!


Best Practices:


·       Be sure to add text to an image and write a brief but clear caption about what the link is to

·       Make sure the URL you link to the photo is functional and navigates to the correct page

·       Making Pinterest boards private only lets you see the content. By making them public, others can follow them and re-pin your content!


·       Make a business or fan page for your business so that others can like it and engage with the profile without having to be friends with your personal account

·       After you business has its own page, you can add links to the main blog/website and other social media

·       Making a page for your business is operated by your profile, and you have the option to post on that page as the business or as your personal user

·       Adding videos to Facebook is very important for more views, shares, and likes

·       You can keep track of Facebook engagement on your business page by managing the statistics

·       If sharing a link, do not put the URL on the post until after you have shared it. If the URL goes on before the post is published, Facebook will not share it.


·       Making your business Instagram public is the best way to allow everyone on the site to view it. This way, other users are free follow you, like and comment on your content, and view your images and captions without needing your permission to follow the account.

·       Instagram allows you to tag other users in the caption section and in the photos. You can either type the username in the caption with the “@” symbol in front of it, or use the tagging feature to do it in the photo

·       When providing a link on Instagram, the only link that will work directly from the app is if it is placed in the information section of the profile. This link can be changed as many times as necessary. Links placed in the caption of a photo are not able to be copy/pasted on most cell phones, and they do not hyperlink.

·       When following celebrities and large companies, there are many fake accounts posing as celebrities or companies run by fans. To follow the real account, there will be a blue check mark next to the user.


·       If tweeting at another user directly and beginning the tweet with their username, make sure there is a “.” Before the @username. Like this “.@username” If there is no period before it, the tweet will be sent as a direct message, and will not be visible to the public

·       If using information or a link from a site that is not your own, make sure to credit the information to that site’s twitter account by saying “… via @username”

·       Tweets cannot be edited, only deleted, so checking grammar, spelling, and punctuation is very important!